Napsali o našem klientovi - Právo: Number of rich Czechs rising despite crisis

10.04.2013 10:09

Prague, April 8 (CTK) - The about 5 percent of the richest Czechs continue to accrue their wealth in spite of the crisis, which raises interest in luxury goods and services, including buying exotic adventure trips for hundreds of thousands of crowns, daily Pravo writes yesterday.

The trips include a desert rally or a mixed icebreaker-helicopter trip to the northern or southern pole where the participants stay for a couple of hours, the paper writes.

But the destinies need not be that far away. "The number of our clients is growing. Sightseeing flights over the Alps are popular throughout the year," Michaela Mlejnkova, from the small air carrier, told Pravo.

Such a trip aboard a three-seat plane, including the pilot, costs 35,000 crowns, a weekend flight over the Adriatic Sea costs 60,000.

Rich Czechs also like flying for one or two days to Croatia, Portugal, Spain or the French Riviera, Pravo writes.

Pavel Kysilka, head of the Ceska sporitelna (CS) savings bank, the biggest commercial bank in the country, told Pravo he estimates the number of dollar millionaires in the country at some 30,000.

Rich Czechs also go to car rallies abroad, aerobatics shows in the United States, they go diving among sharks or parachuting in Dubai, Pravo writes.

"There are hundreds of VIP clients annually. Their number has been rising by 10 to 15 percent annually. The crisis has no impact on this," Pravo quotes from the ERV insurance bank's analysis.

Others prefer a stay at the sea to adventure. Rich Czechs spend up to 400,000 crowns for a luxury week in Greece or half a million crowns for three weeks in Tuscany, Pravo writes.